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Aleksandar Todorović (Personal Blog)

This is the code behind my personal blog hosted on GitHub Pages using Jekyll as a blogging platform.

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Some further info

This blog was previously hosted on domain. If you're wondering how and why have I decided to do the transition, you can read this blog post. If you're wondering why I love GitHub so much, I suggest you to read this article.

For any kind of feedback, feel free to contact me on

Me on the web


I have to give credits to the people who made my website possible:

  • The amazing theme I'm currently using is called Neo-HPSTR. Its author is Aron Bordin. This theme is based on a HPSTR theme that I was using previously. Its author is (by @mmistakes).
  • My previous blog posts were imported from Wordpress to Jekyll using exitwp by @thomasf.

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The code for this website is released under the MIT license. The articles are released under the CC BY-SA 4.0 unless stated otherwise.