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  • Project purpose: My personal homepage.
  • License: MIT license.
  • Built using: Jekyll.
  • Repository mirrors: GitHub, Gitea (self-hosted)

Worth noting

  • Should you fork this repository? Probably not. However, there are some snippets in the code base that you might want to use. If you decide to do so, a shotout with a link is appreciated (not a requirement).
  • Is the project reproducible? Thanks to my particular setup, I don't really test if the project is reproducible. If you stumble upon a problem, feel free to create an issue.
  • Why multiple mirrors?
    • GitHub mirror: because it's what people are used to.
    • Gitea mirror: because I don't feel completely comfortable with Microsoft hosting the only copy of the project.
  • Where to report issues? Any of the two issue trackers. I'm checking both. Feel free to ping me if I don't get back to you after some time.
  • How do I use this repository? I use it to sync files from my development machine to my server and vice versa. I almost always push directly to the master branch directly since it's a one-man project.
  • Why multiple domains? Because I like it. It probably does have a negative impact on SEO, but I don't rely on search engines for most of my traffic.
  • Does the website track users? Only those who haven't turned on the Do Not Track header and don't have EasyPrivacy filter enabled in their adblocker. For further info, check out my privacy policy.

How to build it

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Install bundler.
  3. Run bundle install from the project directory.
  4. Run bundle install jekyll serve.
  5. Visit localhost:4000 inside of your favorite browser.


  • While this website was based off of Neo-HPSTR Jekyll theme, over time I've made enough granular changes to the code base that it's unrecognizable.
  • Photos used in the project are almost exclusively from Unsplash.
  • My logo has been designed by VSD Studio.


Screenshot taken on July 10th, 2018.